Can you afford to lose your most valuable expert?
In your company, there are surely some people who carry valuable knowledge in their brains. This knowledge is not documented.
You risk losing a lot of money.
Let's do something to mitigate this risk
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When all your knowledge resides in people's brains and your employees become irreplaceable...
  • Planning doesn't work
    It is impossible to estimate timelines and budgets, there is no understanding of the system inside. For the management, the system is a black box, because the knowledge about the system is in the heads of the employees.
  • Employees dictate their terms
    Employees are becoming insolent. Employees dictate their terms, wanting more money for unclear reasons. It's difficult to transfer the project to another team because the knowledge is in the employees' heads.
  • Development is progressing too slowly
    It's unclear what's inside the 'black box', and therefore it's unclear what and how can be improved. It's difficult to enhance products and processes when you don't know how they work.
Save the knowledge
We help tech companies describe complex systems and processes.
We take the vaguely defined nebulous knowledge out of people’s heads, structure it and build a knowledge base out of it.

The result: mastering complexity and make better decisions.
The company can grow faster, build better products, hire best candidates.
How we work
Experts are carriers of valuable knowledge. The expert does his job excellently, but he cannot explain to other colleagues 'what's inside' and what decisions he makes.
We talk to expert and "extract" valuable knowledge out of his brain. Together with the expert, we translate all the details into understandable structure.
Now the knowledge about the system and processes is accessible to all employees.
Create knowledge base
We help you gather all the valuable knowledge so that it becomes accessible to all employees.
We also use CustomGPT to build interactive knowledge base.
Describe complex system
We will break down the system into its components, to ensure all details are understandable. We create descriptions for already existing systems, and also prepare Technical Specifications for future products.
Build prototypes
We will build a prototype for your future product. With minimal investment, you will be able to better understand which functions should be included in the product. This will also give you a clearer insight into the costs of future development. Whenever possible, we use No-Code and Low-Code approaches; otherwise, we employ common technologies like JS, Python.
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