Alexander is looking for a new home in Lisbon
good candidate for nice apartment
Dear Landlord, happy to meet you! Let me tell you some words about myself and show some pictures.
I am a 45-year-old IT engineer, living alone and very dedicated to my projects.

You will find all the necessary documents on this site, or you can download them
Work and carrer
Becoming my own boss after successful corporate carear
I was born in Kiev (Ukraine). In my school years we moved to Germany with my parents. So my higher education and career took place in Germany.
After graduating from University with a degree in electrical engineering I worked at Siemens, Still (electronics for utility cars), and Airbus (doing electronics for A380 and A350 airplanes).
One day I decided to found my own company.

On my LinkedIn profile you can see all my career stations and all the details about my education.
Work and financial documents
Breez Technologies
I founded Breez Technologies company in 2023.
We develop concepts, write technical requirements and build prototypes for the energy sector.
Breez Technologies is now a "one-man company".

My clients are German Energy companies.
We want to hire new employees in Portugal.
See company registration documents
Income statement
Last 6 month income from my company Breez Technologies.
The main customer is the german company Dimater GmbH
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My personal Bank Account
Deutsche Bank Habmurg
Balance 29.01.2024: 7632 EUR
See account balance
ID Card and NIF
ID Card
Citizenship: Germany
Document type: ID Card
Number: LHMXGY71V
See ID Card Front side and Back side
NIF and tax representative
In Portugal I have a tax number (NIF) 324105533
and a tax representative.
My German address and tax status were verified by Portuguese authorities.
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Facts about me
Alexander Shligerski
+49 179 4332007 (WhatsApp)
Bergstrasse 22, Georgenthal 99887, Germany
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